We are making an update to Fuse starting this week that will affect bills and card pots.

The similarities

  1. You can still deposit money into your Fuse credit like before.

  2. When you have money in your credit, it will be used on bills and card payments automatically before we charge your default payment method.

The differences

  1. There is only 1 credit location unlike before when you had a Fuse bills pot and card pot.

  2. Withdrawn cash-back will go to your Fuse credit instead of your Fuse card pot.

How does this affect me?

Your pot balance will be renamed Fuse credit and your balance from your bills pot balance has been moved over to your Fuse credit.

Where can I find my credit?

You can find your credit in settings by going settings > payment details. It will be at the top of the payment details page.

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