Here is a step by step breakdown to get your non-fuse friends to pay with you. Lets go!

Step 1: Tap the plus button from the home tab

Step 2: Send them the payment link or let them scan your QR code.

  • Send the link via email, phone number or simply copy and send it directly.

  • If they scan the QR code, they'll be taken directly to your payment link. If they are next to you, this is the easiest method.

Step 3: Once they tap your link. They tap pay as guest.

Yep they don't even need an account or the app just their payment method.

Step 4: Friends add a payment method.

Pay by debit or credit card (Apple/Google pay coming soon!)

And just like that your friends are part of your payment.

No sign up.

No app needed! Just like that.

Once they have added their payment method, they have successfully joined your payment and they don't need to do anything else. You are all set.

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