How repayment works for your share of a payment

When you make a payment with your Fuse card, Fuse will front the payment and then charge everyone their share of the bill separately instantly to pay Fuse back.

Everyone is charged to the payment method they added.

Fuse is autopay by default and cannot be changed. This means Fuse will always attempt to charge your payment method when you use your Fuse card.

But what if my share fails?

Sometimes life happens don't worry.

You have up-to 2 weeks to pay your share back.

What happens if I don't pay it back after that?

Unfortunately Fuse can't keep being owed money so we'll have to put a temporary hold on your card just until we are paid back.

This means that your card will no longer work until the overdue share is paid off.

You can find all your overdue shares on the home tab under the "Overdue shares" section.

What happens if someone else's share fails?

They will be reminded multiple times to pay their share back via email and with notifications.

To view payments where other members shares have failed, tap on recent payments and you will be able to see payments with a red alert next to the logo see below.

You can also send nudges in the app on your end to remind them and also pay their share see below.

They will have 2 weeks to pay us back.

What happens if they don't pay it back?

Because the card used to make the initial payment was yours, your card will be put on hold.

As soon as they pay their share back, your card will be removed from hold.

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