Step 1 - Tap the plus button on the home tab

Step 2 - Tap who you want to split with.

Important note 🚨: Your friends DO NOT need the app or an account to join your split.

Invite via contacts, email, phone or let them scan your QR code.

Step 3.1 - Split by receipt from quick actions

Important note 🚨: This option can be found of the confirmation pop up after you've selected who to invite by email, phone or existing Fuse users. It will not appear if your friends join from the QR code.

Step 3.2: Split by receipt with-out quick actions

If then scan a QR code instead, the quick actions will not appear so tap manage from the home tab. See below.

Step 3.3 - Edit the split type

Step 3.4 - Tap Receipt

Step 4 - Tap scan receipt

Step 7 - Snap the receipt 📸 (the magic part)

Step 8 - Tap on an item

Pro tip 👨‍🔬: Every item should have been pulled from the receipt however if an item was missed, you can still add an item manually by tapping add item.

Step 9 - Tap who ordered the item

Pro tip: Tap multiple people if the item was shared.

And that's it repeat steps 8 - 9 on every item and pay when everyone has accepted the invite.

Some q's about receipt scanning

Do my friends need an account or the app?

Nope! No app or account is needed. They just need to pay with their card on the website through your payment link.

What happens if there is an unclaimed amount?

The payment will still go through however the unclaimed amount will be split equally among everyone.

What happens if I pay and someone doesn't accept the invite?

The payment will fail if someone does not accept the invite so make sure everyone has accepted before paying. You can see everyone's status on the home tab.

What happens to the tax and tip?

Fuse smartly calculates everyone tax and tip based on what they ordered. This means you don't need to do anything except enter the tip amount.

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