Auto-Split an amazon gift card to test out Fuse

Best split type to use: Equally

How to setup:

  1. Invite members to current split

  2. Send link or let them scan QR code

  3. They add payment method without needing the app or account

  4. Pay with the Fuse card for the gift card on Amazon.

Link to amazon gift card

Auto-Split takeout with friends (i.e Uber Eats)

Best split type to use: Exact amounts

How to setup: Invite to payment from home tab > tap manage > edit split > select exact amounts > enter what everyones shares are.

When everyone has joined, the split you are ready to order.

Pro tip: Add your card to Apple Pay. Most merchants accept apple pay so you don't have to add your card to every merchant.

Auto-split Groceries (You bought different items)

Best split type to use: Split after the fact

How to setup: Pay with just yourself. Make sure limit is enough. Make sure you keep the receipt.

With groceries you don't know the total and can't calculate what everyone got on the spot:

1. Pay with your Fuse card at the checkout. You don't need to invite anyone.
2. After, scroll to possible splits on the home tab.
3. Find the merchant you just paid on your own at and tap "Split on Fuse".

4. Select you should have been in the payment.

5. Edit the amount everyone owes you.

6. Tap Split bill and everyone will be requested to pay you their share back on Fuse.

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