Enjoying Fuse? You can refer your friends and family, for up to $200 in referral credits. For each person that signs up to Fuse through your link, you'll get $20 when they split their first payment with their Fuse Card.

How to refer your friends:

  • Open the rewards tab and Tap 'Get $200 for Referrals' then share your referral link with your friends.

  • If you invite a friend to your card or to split a recurring bill with you, you'll also get a referral credit if they get their own Fuse Card and split payment.

What can I do with my referral credit:

  • You can redeem your referral credit on future payments you split on Fuse to make them cheaper.

What's in it for my friends:

  • We'll give them 50% cashback when they split their first payment at their favorite brand.

How do I track my referrals:

  1. Open the Rewards tab

  2. Scroll to the bottom

  3. You should see a list of everyone you've referred to Fuse as well as how many steps they are away from finishing their account set up

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