I can't see the pay now button. How do I pay my share of the bill?

The pay now button has been removed because you no longer have to pay your share of the bill before the due date.

If your bill is due, use your Fuse Card to pay for it and everyone will be auto-charged their share in that moment.

How do I view who's paid their share?

In this new update, you don't have to worry about who's paid their share until after Fuse has split the payment.

Does the Fuse card affect my credit?

No. Getting a Fuse Card will not impact your credit score. Because we evaluate cardholders based on their bank data, we do not conduct a “credit pull.” Using our new Fuse Cards will continue to have no impact on your credit score, and they will not show up on your credit report.

Why was I charged automatically when I had autopay off?

In the new update, you can no longer disable autopay. When a Fuse Card is charged, everyone involved in the split will automatically be charged their share. To prevent your account from accidentally going into overdraft, we have a balance shield. So if you don’t have enough money in your account, we won’t charge you your share.

I want to split a recurring merchant Fuse doesn’t currently support, what do I do?

If the recurring merchant does not appear, please reach out to us to get it added.

What’s the billing address for my Fuse Card?

You should use the billing address you used when you signed up to Fuse to verify your identity.

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