Fuse lets you easily pay & split with anyone instantly. It's perfect for day-to-day expenses, utility bills, and subscriptions.

We built Fuse for busy young adults & college students as we know how stressful it can be to manage shared bills and ask everyone to pay you back. We’re building a world where people never have to reimburse each other again, and we want you on board!

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The basics

  • Your Fuse Card - When you sign up to Fuse and verify your identity, you'll be given your very own Fuse Card. The Fuse Card belongs to you, and that one card can be used to split day-to-day expenses, bills, and subscriptions with anyone all at the same time. Your Fuse Card is a debit card and will never impact your credit score, charge you interest or allow you to carry a revolving credit balance.

  • Your Spending Limit - Your spending limit shows you how much you can spend on the Fuse card at any given point. It refreshes as everyone pays their share. We calculate the spending limit by analyzing the bank account you link to Fuse and by looking at your current usage of Fuse.

  • Inviting friends - When you invite a friend to join a payment or to split a recurring subscription, they'll get a link on their end explaining Fuse and an option to accept the invite and join the split on a browser without downloading the app.

  • Rewards - We offer exclusive offers on merchants as well as a revolving 5% cashback calendar on select categories every quarter. When you make an eligible transaction, you'll receive cashback on the total payment.

How to split a payment on Fuse:

  1. Add the people you want to split with

  2. Set the split; Equally, by receipt or exact amount

  3. Pay with your Card

  4. Everyone's share will be deducted from their bank account. So you don't have to pay upfront and be owed money.

How to split a recurring bill on Fuse

You can use the same Fuse Card to split recurring bills too. Here's how:

  1. Select the merchant you want to split

  2. Invite people you want to split the bill with

  3. Add your Fuse Card to the merchant

  4. Everyone month/week when the merchant charges your card, everyone's share will be deducted from their bank account automatically.

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