On February 1st, 2022, we released a new and improved version of the Fuse app with huge updates to how the app looks & functions. The changes focus on making the app easier to use and giving you back sole control over the payments of your bills.

Important notice: You can now pay & split your bills with the Fuse card provided in the app. We'll continue paying your bills automatically until March 1st, to give you time to get accustomed to the new way of doing things. You'll love it, we promise!

Splitting payments at merchants is now easier than ever

Adding and removing people from your Fuse card is more intuitive and faster. When you open the app, at a glance, you can see everyone currently connected to your card and what their split is. Our quick add dialog allows you to easily add friends and groups of people you frequently split with (see next section for more detail).

A redesigned recurring bill splitting experience

We've now made it possible to split any recurring bill without linking it to fuse or providing your account details. You simply select the bill you want to split and the people you want to split it with, and every time that merchant charges your card, we'll charge everyone you selected. This change means you can now split bills we didn't recently support on Fuse for example, Meal prep services like Freshly, Apple Music & YouTube TV.

Save people you frequently split with

Do you frequently split with the same groups of people, e.g., your and your roommates, your partner, or your besties? You can now set up a group with them to make it easier to add them to your Fuse Card. You can set spending controls for groups on how much can be charged to them weekly without approvals.

One Fuse card is all you need

Our highly talented small group of engineers has made all types of splitting (recurring & non-recurring possible with one card). When your Fuse Card is charged, in real-time, we'll determine who to charge based on the settings you made in the app.

The one drawback of this update (We're working on it!)

Suppose you are currently splitting a recurring bill on Fuse that does not support auto-pay. In that case, you'll have to use your Fuse card to make the payment every month manually. We are actively working on the next update introducing new capabilities to solve this problem. We wanted to give your time to get used to the update, so we will still continue paying your bills automatically until March 1st.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you given me back control over the payments of my bills?

Paying bills automatically means we had to remain synced to your accounts. Unfortunately, due to the state of most utility websites, staying in sync 100% of the time is impossible. The inability to remain synced has led us to pay bills late, resulting in late fees and frustration. In the new update, you'll be able to add a merchant to fuse without entering your account details and using your Fuse Card to set up auto-pay with them or use it to pay manually when the bill is due. We'll split the bill in the same way we did in the past. This means you'll be in control, and there'll be no risk of your bill being paid late. You can also optionally link your account to keep getting updates about your due bill and access your bill PDF through the app.

What card should I use to pay if I have multiple cards?

You can use any of your existing Fuse Cards, and they'll all work in the same way now. If you created a card just to split one expense, you can add that merchant in the Recurring tab and invite the people you're splitting

What do I need to do to migrate to the new system?

We've tried to make moving over as seamless as possible and handled most things behind the scenes. You will however have to add your Fuse card as the payment method to be used with autopay on the biller sites. The billing address of your Fuse card will be the address you used to verify your identity.

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