Pots are accounts within Fuse that can hold a balance you deposit.

Bills Pot

Use your Bills Pot to set money aside for future recurring bill payments, so you don't accidentally spend it. When your bill is due, we will use this pot balance to make the payment instead of your linked payment method.

For example, if you can set aside $300 for your share of utility bills. If your share of the next Gas bill is $50, we'll use your bill pot to pay for it, and the balance remaining in your Pot will be $250.

Card Pot

Use your Card Pot to increase your Fuse Card spending limit. When paying your share of a Fuse card expense, we'll charge your Fuse Card pot instead of your linked payment method if it has a balance.

Shared pot

You can create shared pots with your roommates. These pots allow you to set up a recurring funding schedule (e.g $10/week each), and you can link your Fuse Card to a shared pot to make a payment with the balance. Pots are perfect for budgeting for household supplies and other house essentials.


How long does it take to fund my Pot?

It'll take up to 5 business days to fund if your payment method is a bank account. It'll be instant if it's a debit or credit card.

Are there fees associated with funding my Pot?

There's a 3% convenience fee if you're using a credit card to fund your Pot. Debit card payments are free up to $200 every month. There's a 3% fee after your limit is surpassed. This fee does not go to us but to our payment processor, Stripe.

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