We know how important your data is to you. Fuse uses the best encryption in the business to keep your data safe. And we don't sell your data.

We've invested heavily in making sure our platform uses the most up-to-date industry protocols for storing your data including bank-level 256-bit encryption. Data is transmitted using Transport Layer Security 1.2 with Authenticated Encryption mode ciphers. Stored data is protected using the latest Authenticated Encryption. We never sell your data to third parties. You can also delete your account and associated data at anytime.

We use Plaid to securely connect to more than 15,000 financial institutions across the U.S. Plaid is used by companies such as Venmo and American Express. When you choose to pay with bank account, you will be asked to enter your online banking credentials. These credentials never touch our servers, nor are they stored by us in any way. Your credentials are sent through Plaid to your bank or credit card provider. Plaid and Stripe integration generates a bank account token that allows us to accept ACH payments from your bank. You can revoke our access token by unlinking your account at any time.

We host our servers securely using Heroku, a secure online data storage and hosting service that is used by LendUp, Microsoft, Moneytree, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Heroku is a service that utilises Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology. Your data on our servers will never be accessed or used by any other party.

The credentials you provide when linking your billers is stored on our security provider VGS. Your credentials are stored so that our bots can log into your accounts and perform actions such as fetch the latest bill information or pay your next bill, without you needing to provide log in information every time. Your credentials will never touch our database. We chose VGS to store your biller information as it is trusted by many banks and companies including Brex and LendUp. By using VGS, we have eliminated the risk of leaking your account information.

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